About Us :

The World of medicine is getting initiated towards Unani /Ayurveda according to the
demand of human health. Our nation is burdened with numerous diseases especially
non-communicable ones and every medical system has certain limitation to address
these effectively. In such situations combining indigenous system could be potential
solution which help to heal faster and gradually eliminate the root cause.

RAHAT HERBAL CARE is a Unani pharmacy which is nourishing the theme by the
range of herbal products. The year of establishment is 2014 and from the beginning
year the founder Mr. PARVEZ AHMED KHAN is trying to multiply the number of
products beside uniform quality parameters. One of his younger son also joined him for
the promotion of Unani system.MR. HAMMAD AHMED KHAN who has completed his
graduation in  B.PHARM  in the year of 2013 & Completed MBA (Pharmaceutical
in 2015 from JAMIA HAMDARD UNIVERSITY, New Delhi.

The contribution of the Unani that relies on natural healing based on principles of
harmony and balance, uniting the physical, mental and spiritual realms is enormous.
Our Herbal Products which are also made from different plants and herbs. We have
been providing the highest quality herbal products from the unique blend of ancient
system of Indian medicine. All our products are tested and registered as per norms
prescribed by drug controller of India/licensing authority. Formulations which have stood
the test of time for their purity, safety, efficacy, cultural acceptability without any side
effect. Products are guaranteed to be free from heavy metal toxicity.

RAHAT HERBAL CARE  is serving the people for many years. This organization is one of
those in which herbal medicines are prepared and advised to patients after a scientific
research. People belonging to various fields are taking benefits from this organization
such as doctors, professors, traders, government servants, etc. It has been working
towards creating, researching and developing Unani   products to help mankind & to live
a healthy lifestyle. We do have wide range of both products proprietary & classical.
Some of our Unani proprietary products are mentioned below:

1. 10 PM TOUCH UP CAPS.                –  Low Libido
2. RAHAT W.B.CARE CAPS.                –  Breast Firmer
3. RAHAT W.B.CARE OIL                    – The big & Beautiful Breast
4. NO STONE                                         – Remove Kidney Stone
5. RAHAT HEARTOCARE CAPS.         – Prevent Heart Disease
6. RAHAT ORTHOFIT CAPS.                – Pain Reliever
7. RELX- 0N DOOZY CHURN               – Help to Cure indigestion & Acidity
8. X – FORCE OH HO OIL                     – Make stronger Muscles of penile
9. MOJ – X CAPSULES.                          
– Improve Sexual Weakness
10. MEN’S CHOICE CAPSULES.           – Stop Premature Ejaculation

Mr. PARVEZ AHMED KHAN is also the founder member of UDMA (Unani Drugs
Manufacturer Association) & an executive member of A.I.U.T.C (All India Unani Tibbi

Our vision is to set highest standards of customer satisfaction, product development,
manufacturing, delivery, and in all other domains of our business and be the industry
leader globally. We assure the purity, consistent composition and quality of all our
finished products.

In addition to our commitment to quality and excellence we aim to make distinctive
lasting, substantial contribution to the national. Regional and global health by building a
company which promotes core values that can make global impact in providing health
care to suffering humanity.